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wolf phase Jacob

Little crack fic that could

Pure crack, it had to be written. :P

Danke to Kay, for encouraging the plot.

Title: Boo

Rating: G

Pairing: Jacob/Seth. Jacob is 18 and Seth is 17.

Warning(s): None unless you count quirky, funny scmhoop.  Un Beta’d, all mistakes are my own.

Summary: Inspired by a video of BooBoo Stewart showing off his t-shirt folding skills and a plot bunny that wouldn’t let me be.  Not till I wrote this out.

Jacob Black discovered how talented his mate was at surprising him; Seth Clearwater was on a tear that day.  Determined to keep him on his toes and Seth found the whole thing one giant joke.  When Jake returned home, to Sam and Emily’s house he figured he was in the clear. Having beat the younger wolf home by half an hour, thanks to a short cut through the woods in his fur.

                A smug smile plastered on his face, he oozed back into his skin and pushed through the back door.  Pausing to say hi to Emily who was in the living room, Jacob moved into the kitchen to scrounge a snack.  Soda can in one hand from the fridge; he moved to open the pantry door.   “Boo!” shouted Seth, as he burst out the double doors and barreled into his mate.  Spooked, Jacob screamed which had Emily running in to see what had happened and Seth laughing wickedly.  “Got you Jake.” Seth smirked, folding himself around his larger mate.  “You, how did you…” Jacob gave up trying to wrap his skull around the logistics and leaned against Seth.  Emily retrieved the wayward soda can from the floor, “Take it outside boys.” She said to both of them, ignoring Seth’s pout.  “Me one, you zero.” Seth told Jacob with a slight smile, “Why do I get the feeling this is only the start?”.  Jacob replied, attempting to look irritated but Seth ignored him.  Before he could ask Seth another question he was already gone, the house had a million hiding places he realized.

                After not finding Seth for an hour, Jacob figured he was safe from unwanted pouncing.  Sighing he ferried a load of laundry into his and Seth’s room, dumping it on the bed.  Several shirts fell off the bed; he moved to collect them and came face to face with Seth.  The younger boy had squished himself between the wall and the bed, lying flat looking up at his mate.  “Need these?” he chirped brightly.   Dark brown eyes narrowed for a moment before Jacob laughed, “Good one.”  Seth smiled back and extracted himself to help with the laundry, showing off how quickly he could fold the t-shirts.  Jacob watched amazed, “Your secret talent, besides scaring the shit out of me.” “Of course, two to zero.” Seth smirked, moving to kiss Jacob’s cheek before disappearing downstairs; Jacob gave up on following him.  He couldn’t keep up and knew Emily wouldn’t appreciate the pounding feet up n down the stairs. 

                Moving to collect firewood from the stack of logs in the backyard, Jacob separated the smaller kindling sticks from the bigger logs.  One went into a cloth wood carrier, the other into a wheel barrow.  He heaved the wheel barrow close against the house, providing easy access in bad weather.  Returning for the wood tote, something caused him to stop and look around. Nothing out of the ordinary, other than the gathering dusk and low hanging clouds.  Not wanting to be on the receiving end of a third Seth attack, he walked around the wood pile and checked behind the tool shed.  All clear he smiled to himself and was rounding the corner of the house, when he was splatted into the damp soil.  By a mangy looking, lanky tawny colored wolf.  /Got you!/ came the amused words, filtering through his skull.   A cold nose pressed against the ear that wasn’t smashed into the ground, he could almost feel his mate’s good mood through their shared bond.  Seth was a wiggling, wagging mass of fur and very pleased with himself.  “I know.” Jacob huffed attempting to roll out of the way but Seth flopped down across his back and set to work licking his cheek.  /Told you I was good./ Seth responded, enjoying Jake’s rumpled appearance.  Trying mightily to stay upset, Jacob growled, crossing his eyes. /And?/ Seth said, calm and content.  He turned his head to nip at Jacob’s ear, which caused the older wolf to laugh. /Better./   “I know I know, three to zero.” Jacob said, working one arm around to scratch at his mate’s ears, an attempt at making peace.  Seth rumbled in pleasure and rolled Jacob to his feet, tail still wagging.  “I’ll get you back for this.” Jacob said, leveling a finger at his mate, who rolled his eyes. Insolent as ever, even in his skin.  /Have fun trying. / Seth replied, laughing at Jacob’s attempt to even the score.

                Later that evening, Jacob found a note pinned to the fridge with a Seattle magnet. It read, “Final score, three to zilch. “ It was signed Seth, the best at everything. Jacob smiled and folded the slip of paper into the pocket of his jeans.