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Sep. 1st, 2008

Red and black colors

Writer's Block: The Expendable Sense(s)

If you had to give up one of your five senses, which could you live without?
My sight as I'm pretty much half blind wthout my glasses as it is, seriously it's crazy how bad my vision is minus my glasses.  It was getting worse in my 20's but seems to have slacked off in the past two years but it's not getting any better. When I was in my teens my doctor warned me that if my sight deteriated as fast as it was going that I could go blind by the time I was in my 40's, so far thanks to better lenses I'm not missing out on anything though I do have a big fat "corr lenses" on my drivers license.

JB is on the train headed home, thanks to my godfather for the update :)

Aug. 24th, 2008

Red and black colors

Writer's Block: Your Threads

What does your favorite "you" outfit consist of?
Jeans, black Miami Ink skelton t-shirt, jade dragon pendant and black biker boots.

For laying around the dorm it's: red plaid sleep pants, Dr Pepper t-shirt and grey fuzzy socks.

May. 11th, 2004

Red and black colors

news and updates

Im at the public library,this time on the computers that aren't so filtered:) actually cleaned out my inbox too. Now for the news:

-sighned up for phone and net service to my dorm room,will be getting that starting Thursday

-regestered for my summer classes and only have to pay my health services fee. My two classes are ceramic sculpture and art history(prehistoric through medival art in Europe)

-my parents are helping me out with food money,phew

-still job hunting but am keeping a postive attitdue

got to keep this short since theres so much I have to catch up on,cya in a few days

oh! and my computer will be arriving(tricked out for dvd,tv and cd's) on Friday

Apr. 2nd, 2004

Red and black colors

let every creature go for broke and sing

The Lion King is celebrating it's 10th annivsarry and the Disney Store has some very intresting "high end" collectables. Course I'm drooling and it's giving me ideas for my summer ceramic sculpture class.

Here's a link if you want to enjoy the eye candy: http://disney.store.go.com/DSSectionPage.process?Merchant_Id=2&Section_id=14418&Product_Id=158256&Searchstr=the+lion+king&Page=1

Making masks is my fav thing to do with clay,I made an african mask my senior year of highschool. Even pit fired it,took alot of work but it was worth it. Now's my chance to try that again and this time no dad around to dampen my creative streak.

Going on the top of my "to buy list" when I have a job is a new bedding set,my current one is a hodge podge of a comforter(now ripped in a few places) an old ratty quilt and a fleece blanket that keeps falling off at night:P Wish I had my mom's sewing machine cause I could sew myself a set for cheaper than I could buy one but I dont so I'll have to buy. Granted nothing in pink or with flowers:P I really want something with african fabric,the color blue and funky looking.

Well Im off to the public library to stock up on books for the coming week,since I still dont have a tv but at least I have my cell phone back.

Mar. 18th, 2004

Red and black colors

borrowed from Bob's LJ

thanks Bob:)

. Did your parents read to you as a child?
yes,even before I could talk they read to me

What books do you remember best?
The Little Golden Books(esp the one about Dinosaurs), Dr Seuss, Little House series,Disney books

2. For each level of schooling you've been through, what book you were assigned made the biggest impression on you? What book you read on your own?
I could read above my grade level,which caused some friction when teachers tried to hold me back.

a - Grade school-Little House series,for my 5th grade history class.

middle school-I dont remember having to read books for anything,I picked my own. "Roots" in 7th grade and 'The American Girls Collection' in 8th grade

b - High school- We had to read the Scarlet Letter which bored me to death:P I chose to read books like Jurrasic Park,the Shannara Series by Terry Brooks and historical fiction by Anne Rinnaldi

c - College-so far not too many recquired reading besides textbooks but I have chosen to read on my own: books by Anne Rinnaldi and Babara Hambly,Alex Hailey,Terry Brooks.

3. If you've finished school, what books have you read since graduating that have made the biggest impression on you? Not done with school yet:P

4. Do you pay attention to who writes the TV shows and movies that you watch? If so, who are your favorites? Nope,except that Micheal Crichton works on ER and I use to read his books in highschool

5. If you write fiction yourself, whose work influences your own style? I do write fanfic but it's so here and there I dont really count anyone else as much of an influence.
Red and black colors

tales from the job fair

yeah today was the day,got up in time to have breakfast than got dressed. Only to discover that the sweater I was going to wear(which I got this past Christmas) was too big on me now:P And it's too hot for me to layer,so I picked out my only "good" t-shirt I had and my cords and fake bircknstocks(I dont have any dress shoes with me). Checked for my resume's and headed down to campus,frying as I went.

Got down to the area and the first thing I noticed was the number of booths given over to:
cost guard

you bet I skipped those:P

than there was
Mary K

umm I dont have a car and I know zip about make-up,so that illimnated those.
so that left
teacher's inc of Calvaeras county
Army Corp of Engerneirs(sp I know)
Culinary Consultant Inc (that one was for the kids in the cooking school)
CA Forrest Survice(only hiring fire fighters and park rangers)
CA Parks and Rec department

Feeling like a duck out of water,I walked up to the Aflack booth and asked a few questions,the guy took my name down for an interview next week but I felt like he was still puzzled as to why I was applying there when I had no background or wish to major in business managment.

A bit hopefully I stopped by the Army Cor booth and asked,the very nice lady informed me that this summer they where not hiring for any positons other than those recquring background in engeneering,surving. However she did direct me to their website for next summer. Uh great but what I need to take care of is THIS SUMMER!!!! Still she was intresting to talk to and seem generally exicited to hear about my major. Unlike the guy at the Aflack booth who just looked at me like I was a bug:/

My last stop was the CA Parks booth and finally I hit something!! the ranger gave me an info packet and a phone number to call along with two job applications;she was very nice. Seems that Calavera's Big Tree's state park is hiring,the only glitch is I would have to apply and get one of the live in jobs at the park. The other jobs their hiring for which I could prolly get one of are only day work and the park is 2 hours each way from school. And yes I have no car. But still it's a boost to my flagging moral that I have some place I can actually apply to.

So that was my morning:P Than of course theres applying to places like Walmart(which Im doing on Tuesday) and maybe Mervyns, yeah I worked for them before and hated it but I need the money. Nows not the time to be picky.

All in all not a bad expierence,Im just getting worried that I will run out of time for getting a job before May 8th and well you know where that's headed. There's alot of pressure on me for getting a job,it's not just something to kill time in between semesters,I need the money to support myself.

Enough of that,Im going to go relax a few and not stress myself out,have a big forrestry class this afternoon.

Mar. 17th, 2004

Red and black colors

history hoopla

today in history class Mr Johnson droned on and on about christian scientist,mormons and 7th day adventest; dont get me wrong it was intresting to hear about the different religions but I was hungrey and tired.

Than he got into talking about the start of slavery in America but had to cut it short cause class ended; rats!!!! He wants me to bring Addy in middle of April,so Im back on for my little talk.

Which frankly has me nervous,one part of me is thrilled to be sharing my knowldge of Civil War life and how it related to the free blacks of the time. And the other part of me is worried I'll get laughed at for trying to mention my own family history. *sigh*

Which is a real Heniz 57 mix of stuff,that's not to say I haven't gained pride in it but after having it kept me for so long and such it is hard to start accepting that's its ok.


Mar. 16th, 2004

Red and black colors

my head's killing me

but a candy bar and a cherry pepsi from the student store cured that:p just the usuall change in weather/no soda/stuff sinus thing going on.

Its off to Walmart in a few to stock up on soda and snacks,than its back here for my first class followed by my second class;in other words a long day:P

The weather is lovely,warm and sunny;good for a hike.

Mar. 11th, 2004

Red and black colors

rent and rental units

the first I need to pay every month to keep my butt here,the second is my parents who at times don't care about my butt.

Anywhoo paid my rent for March today and have enough money left over for grocerries next week;all I can say is phew. I always get this sense of deep pride for being able to pay my rent myself,well it is aid money but its my aid money.Which I've earned by staying in school and getting good grades.

Called my mom to tell her that I wasn't going to starve between now and my next aid check,woah what's come over them? Now their asking me questions about how Im doing in school,giving me tips on job hunting and grocerry shopping and praising my budgeting.


Did they finally wake up and get a clue they'd been treating me like shit? and that if they continued I wouldnt be helping them when they got old. Who knows but I do enjoy this new aspect of our relationship.

Got up at 7am to take my first SJW,had ceral than went back to bed;got up around 10:30 when someone was blasting there stero.Uggh,so much for peace of mind:p Watched the first episode of the Ken Burns 'Civil War' for histroy class and had lunch than went to the housing office. Ooh fun:P actually it was very relaxing and I seem in a much better mood despite the impending job search.

Not that working scares me,I have a strong work ethic and enjoy making my own money and paying for my own things; it's just Im afraid I won't get enough hours to pay for my rent(my biggest expense) let alone everything else. Plus my first payment is due in full on May 8th,which means I would have to start working full time in April all month to earn the money but I can't work full time cause school is still in session till the very end of April.

On a good note,I ran into Mrs Rodehurst my EOP&S councler,we chatted for awhile and I scheduled an appoitment with her in two weeks for fall regestration.She mentioned that every time she goes into a book store and see's American Girl books it reminds her of me:) She's got a 8 year old granddaughter she hopes to hook on AG,I was touched she liked my speech I gave last semester so much.I told her I'd bring Addy by in two weeks:) It's nice to have a teacher that is intrested in my AG collecting etc.

Mar. 10th, 2004

Red and black colors

Ode to Becky

from Jane's lj;)

the one person who's love and support have gotten me through the worst and the best.

*she agrees to disagree with me when we argue but she never calls me names or puts me down,no matter how mad she may get
*dosent laugh at me for sleeping with an AG doll
*puts up with my odd eating habbits of salt and vinegar chips
* remembers all the cute names we call each other
*dosen't have to say anything,just a smile will do
* knows what Im intrested in and encourages me
*her talking is a good compliment to my sometimes shyness
*watches Law and Order SVU with me
*put up with my parents to start living with me
*was homeless with me for four days rather than leave me
*knew how to sweet talk my dad out of a bad mood,truly a gift
*hates doing the dishes but dosen't mind taking out the trash
*put up with my mood swings and odd habbitts in the two years before I was diagonised with bipolar
*leaves her shoes by my side of the bed for me to trip over but not her
*enjoys Comedy Central
*started collecting Stawberry Shortcake with me last year
*has always been honest,even when it's hard
*stood up to her parents
*taught me about Juadism,a great teacher
*sat and listned while I tried to figure out my family history
*ate half a giant choclate bunny one Easter and was still happy
*let me dig through her childhood AG items
*shared her family history with me
*always have to split the orange glazed chicken with her from Panda Express,both our favorite
*considers an evening at Barnes and Nobles a "Night Out"

next month is our 4 year annivsary:) couldn't have gotten this far without her.

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