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meet my System

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.I'm Sam the core personality, the rest are my Little's(some with DID call them alters,others etc). Missing from the list are the two youngest,the babies Andy(6 months) and Twyela(1 year). Many of them are paired, not only in gender but they hang out together or cross share memories. Only the eldest "front" or interact with the world around Us,several of the youngest have never fronted and the babies job is too sleep. Something I never got enough of,they are all seperate personalities but share common threads with me. All are gay,bi-racial and share many of my hobbies. But they are all their own in a way I can't explain to anyone but somone with DID. They never age and their given age is a mishmash of what I was at that age(or am going to be) and representive of the memories they keep. The world inside my brain is on it's own schedule and They can be doing things different than I do, even being awake while I'm asleep(they show up in my dreams). My female Little's where created to help me be female(something I'm not) when I was forced too, my male Little's are who I could have been had I been raised male. It is a group mentality, they all get along but if scared,spooked or stressed I do at times react in ways of the youngest. School and daily life for Us has been tricky, They on the inside are use to what I lived with until just recently, it's taken a lot of hard work and adjustment. There are days when I don't think I can get out the door let alone make it through a class; it still amazes me I can hold down a job and school. Hobbies and intrests are all shared, though you can see why I like the things I do :p Not too many people know I have DID, so posting this took a discussion and a group vote.

Here's the break down of ages/pairings starting with the oldest




Crab-the pet



Sam, thanks for sharing this - it takes a lot of courage to do that. I notice that they're all smiling - do their moods tend to coincide, or there times when some are unhappy and some aren't?
Yes and now, though I can channel their moods to the outside if needed or upset enough. They can make me aware of moods/issues that need to be faced when I am unwilling or unaware.