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wolf phase Jacob

Sappy fic

Pure schmoopy goodness.

Title: Ride

Pairing: Jacob/Seth

Rating: G-Schmoop alert.

Jacob Black had his lap full, over flowing in fact. His mate Seth Clearwater was sprawled across the truck’s passenger seat, in his fur.  The boys head was shoved against and into Jacob’s lap; the tawny colored wolf looked content.  “Going to move?”  He asked, pausing to glance down at Seth who sighed and inched closer. “Nope.” Was the response that filtered into Jacob’s mind.  “Sam n Emily are going to be pissed if they know I let you ride around like this, even on the Rez.”  “They won’t know, cause I won’t say anything.”  Seth replied rolling his eyes, Jacob knew getting him to do anything was a negotiation process.  He simply nodded and returned to concentrating on the road, not that much of it could be called that.  Or there was traffic to look out for, it was early afternoon and the day had a lazy feel to it.   As if expressing the sentiment, Seth sat up and yawned. “Bored, bored, bored….oooh hmmmm.” Jacob was given the full gist of the conversation, he knew that bored and his mate could equal mischief.  Not outright trouble but certainly never a dull moment.   Seth folded himself around so his hind quarters and tail where hanging out the passenger side window.  “Better.” He commented, tilting his head and giving Jacob a wolfish grin.  “What’s that for?” He asked, trying not to laugh as his mate’s tail and fur where ruffled by the wind.  “Nothing just feels good.”  Jacob snorted, “The wolf version of flipping someone off.”  Seth’s response was to stick his cold nose in the nearest ear he could find, causing Jacob to yelp and shove him away.  

                A shoving match ensued with Seth winning, though he was skinner than Jacob even in his fur. He was far quicker and used it to his every advantage.  “Truce!” Jacob called, after almost steering them off into the trees, having been distracted by a mass of paws and tongue.  Seth resumed his perch, tail still wagging outside the cab of the truck.  “You’ll have to put your skin back on when we get near the house.”  “Yes mother.” Seth mocked him and tossed in another eye roll for good measure.  Before distracting himself with trying to tune the stereo with one paw, that didn’t go over well. But it was amusing to watch.

                When the turn off for the house came into view, Jacob cajoled a reluctant Seth back into his skin.  Shoving the now naked boy onto the floorboards so he could change.  “Grab something out of my backpack to wear.” He said while attempting to look relaxed, if asked he could explain Seth’s state of undress.  Newly turned walkers had a nasty habit of bursting from one form into another, at the loss of their clothing.  “Warn me next time, your stinky ass gym clothes are in here.” Seth bitched, holding a t-shirt with one finger and pushing it away from him.  “We’re mates but you can’t stand my clothes?” Jacob asked, truly puzzled.  “Correction, your smelly, funky and fungus growing gym clothes. Hey I have standards.”   Was the smart aleck reply, complete with a cocky grin.   Jacob was going to snap back but Seth distracted him with a kiss, before pulling away and oozing out of the truck.   Now dressed in a pair of Jacob’s sleep pants (how’d those get into his backpack) and a rock band t-shirt.  Looking relaxed and slightly sleepy, “Always land on your feet?”  He asked walking beside Seth, “No but better than you do most days.”  Seth replied, leaning against him.   Jacob growled or attempted too, knowing Seth never bought it. “Mmmhmmm, sure.” He said, helping himself to the cookies that where stashed in Jacob’s hoodie pocket.  “You’re welcome.” Jacob mumbled, attempting to stay mad.  It didn’t last, one look at his mate’s chocolate raspberry eyes and he was gone. “ I can’t say ‘no’ to you.” He said, settling against Seth’s side as they walked into the house.